Sunday, March 3, 2013

Writing prompt challenge!

Leslee Klapp came up with a contest at the March 2 meeting. First, the group would collectively decide on a prompt. Then, since we will not be meeting on March 9 due to the Scranton St. Patrick's Day Parade, we would have two weeks to compose short-short stories - flash fiction - of no more than six hundred words that use the prompt either in the title or somewhere in the story. The group will collectively decide on the best story, and the writer of that story will win a prize!...of some sort.

We grabbed random books scattered around the loft of the Vintage and began pulling out sentences for consideration. The group then voted, and we settled on one to be the prompt:

During the long Arctic nights we held grave discussions.

So. That's the challenge. Using that prompt as the title or part of the story, write a story of six hundred words or less for presentation at the March 16, 2013 meeting. The group will vote on all presented works, and the best story will win a prize. Good luck, and get writing!

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